Friday, February 4, 2011

Growing space

An issue I have come across in my gardening is space to start my seeds inside. While they are germinating they don't take up much space. Once they are put into a growing medium they need a lot more room. I see a lot of talk of basements or spare rooms. I don't have either of those. I have 1 large window in my dining room.

When working with the basic trays you can buy at almost any store come spring, I usually need several when starting my garden. These trays or flats measure 10-1/2" x 20-7/8" and are not very strong, so they need support. So I had to find an economical way to have these in my dining room.

The answer I found was the stackable plastic shelving units. They consist of 4 or 5 plastic shelves supported by plastic tubing. I like the ones that have are not solid shelves but are more of a mesh type, they allow more air circulation.

After I found these, I did some modification to improve them for my gardening purposes, but I will continue with that tomorrow.

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