Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Journal Pages

The first page I will share is a plant/seed journal page. This gives the specifics from the website I ordered the seed from. It includes product details, pricing information, seed starting and transplanting dates. I have a notes area and a large blank area for either the seed packet itself or copies of it to be pasted in. I will probably scan this information in and paste it to the spreadsheet. I will put this in a sheet protector so that I can have it in the garden but I don't want to laminate it because I will need to write on it. I will also add a photo protector page so that I can add pictures for future reference.

The second page is my daily journal - I started with March 12, 2011. This is the day I start my vegetable garden with soaking of the tomato seeds. I have the temperature, precipitation, and wind for that day. I can put in the low temp from the night before, but I cannot put the high temp in from that day until that evening or the next day. I will also have to do that with precipitation and wind as well. Then I have lines for each plant I chose to plant (including the seeds I have not bought yet, but will soon. Then I can note on each one how many seeds germinate, transplant, die off, height (if I get that detailed) and other little factors. When I have all this information completed after harvest I can go back and note the plant/seed journal page with my findings.

As I know when I will be starting my seeds, soaking, planting, transplanting or planting them, from my calendar entries, I can now go in and fill in days in my journal so I know what I am doing on a specific day. By filling this information in now, I don't have to do it later, leaving time for other observations and giving myself time to enter this into the computer each morning so I have a back up.

I know this seems like a lot of work, but if you intend to do this for any length of time, you will appreciate it when you know exactly what works in your garden, what you liked and what you did not. This will help you grow a garden with little extra work later and get what you like.

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